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Our Virtual Private Servers are built from the ground up using all SSD storage. Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

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You are guaranteed the resources on their VPS web hosting account. This means that your account will always be allocated the set amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space you've chosen regardless of what other users on the server are doing. This allows for greater stability and performance of your website.

SSD Disk Drives

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100 Mb/s Network

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DDoS Protection

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Dedicated IP

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IPv6 Support

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Money-back Guarantee

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VPS Hosting Control Panels to Choose from.

You can pick a control panel of your choice for your VPS


Frequently Asked Queries

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A VPS hosting environment mimics a Dedicated Server within a multi-tenant environment. Each VPS hosting server gets dedicated resources from the host server, which offers a great amount of reliability and performance.

With Web Hosting Monsters’s VPS Hosting, your website will have all the important features — ranging from Full root access to Guaranteed CPU, RAM, SSD Storage & Network and Management options like Stop, Restart and Rebuild for complete autonomy of the servers.

Using Private Network you can establish a secure, internal and high-speed connection between all or some of your VPS’s. It can be used for Server-to-Server Communication, Master-Slave setup, Cluster setup, Replications, and Migrations.

Each VPS server comes with its Server Administration Panel by default. It lets you to carry out crucial server administration tasks (such as Rebuild, Restart, Web-based VNC, Private Network management & Resetting credentials) and monitoring resource consumption (for CPU, Memory, Storage, Inodes & IPs).

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